Clinic Nurse

Job Title

Clinic Nurse



Job Duration



Clinic Nurse


£30,000 to £35,000 per annum


• Work closely with National Lead Clinic Nurse to maintain high standards of patient care. • To be fully compliant with the N.M.C. code of professional conduct and SCOPE of professional practice. • To understand responsibilities concerning the National Minimum Standards for Independent Health Care, Private Doctors. • Manage and maintain standards of Nursing Care within the clinic and identify any areas of concern to the Clinic Manager and the National Lead Clinic Nurse. • To provide pre- and post-operative duties in line with Company Policies and Procedures. • Provide band fill services to patients following gastric band procedures, working with the multidisciplinary team where necessary (dieticians, bariatric nurse specialists, surgeons) to ensure optimum post-operative aftercare is provided to bariatric patients. • To have overall responsibility for the inventory, control and organisation of clinical equipment, nursing staff and nursing/surgical procedures undertaken within the Clinic. • To ensure a safe and comfortable environment for patients including: - The maintenance of privacy and dignity always. - the provision and proper maintenance of equipment - supervision of drug administration in line with Policies and Procedure - Ensuring the adequate provision of pre- and post-operative care facilities. • Ensure that all records relating to patients are maintained in line with Company Policies and Procedures and current legislation • Ensure any drugs are held in line with Company Policy & Procedures. • In line with the Management System (Quality) procedures within the clinic will be reviewed regularly at a minimum once a year. • Ensure that practices are in line with Company Policies and Procedures and be conversant with the Management (Quality) System.